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The overall approach of EuPRAXIA is that of a big science collaborative project. A managerial structure and clear responsibilities are established, including milestones and deliverables. An overall planning and a resource-loaded schedule are agreed within the project. As far as possible a flat hierarchy with direct communication channels between all levels of management will be implemented. At the same time an open scientific approach will be pursued, based on technical excellence. Several committees will advise the project management and will regularly evaluate the progress of the EuPRAXIA-PP project.

Project Coordinator

Coordinator: Pierluigi Campana (INFN)

Deputy: Massimo Ferrario (INFN)

The project coordinator is the coordinating person of the EuPRAXIA Preparatory Phase project. They are responsible to supervise and coordinate EuPRAXIA-PP Work Package tasks to their full completion, and in this capacity, they will follow up on milestones and deliverables, and monitor the use of resources. 

Management Support Team

The project coordinator will be supported by the management support team. They shall assist the management in communicational and financial matters, as well as event organization and media.

Steering Committee

The project is directed by the steering committee. It is responsible for the coordination and management of the work packages. The committee consists of work package leaders and experts and will be chaired and organized by the project manager.

Collaboration Board

Review of the work progress and final decisions regarding modifications to the work program or the allocation of the funding, on the accession and withdrawal of partners as well as on default and termination, will be made by the collaboration board representing the members of the consortium.

The collaboration board consists of one representative of each of the project partner organizations.

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