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Network on Extreme Intensity Laser Systems Workshop coming up in Salamanca

The CLPU (Spanish Center for Ultraintense Pulsed Lasers) is organising the Network on Extreme Intensity Laser Systems (NEILS) workshop in Salamanca (Spain) on 20-21 April.

The workshop, promoted by the main High-Intensity Laser facilities in Laser Lab, is aimed at sharing common strategies and issues.

The NEILS workshop will be composed of an opening session and four round tables where all the participants are invited to give a contribution (any comments, sketches, ideas, not necessarily talks, are welcome). The round tables will encompass a real debate.

The topics of the round tables are Data Management, Tendencies & Strategies (Trends in Laser technology), High Repetition Rate Operations, and Getting More From The Network.

For registration and more information on the programme please visit:


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